Are you forging your own trail? Or merely following?

Do this.

Do that.

And whatever you do, DON’T do that.

LinkedIn is full of people exhorting and commanding us on the ‘right’ way (their way) to do this or that – or not do this or that.

Because, of course, all of us humans are exactly the same, right?


After living most of my life away from my homeland and the last 8+ years in over a dozen countries — Italy, Serbia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bosnia, Romania, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, to name some — one thing I see clearly is that no one sees, interprets and understands anything the same way I do. And no one sees, interprets and understands any single thing the same way you do.

That’s right. Every single one of the 8.1+ billion of us on this planet sees, interprets and understands every single thing differently from every single other one of the 8.1+ billion of us.

My mind does not work like your mind, and your mind works like no other person’s mind, ever.

Yes, of course, there are common characteristics of human behaviour and response, which we can use to our advantage, in specific contexts. But in the context of your life, how far is following ‘do this, do that and don’t do that’ commands of other people going to get you?

In the span of human history, do we remember Maria Ordinary and Giuseppe Conventional? No. We remember — and celebrate and stand in awe of — Leonardo, Einstein, Jeanne d’Arc, Picasso, Rumi, Marie Curie.

We remember them because they forged ahead as truly themselves.

So, what are you going to do? Follow or forge?

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