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The difference lies only in the details.


  • From first call to finished manuscript . . .
  • The process of ghostwriting a book has four main components: interviews, other research, writing, feedback & revision.
  • * INTERVIEWS: with you to learn your story (memoir) or to gain the information and understanding necessary to convey your expertise. If it’s useful, I also interview other people (family members, leadership team, colleagues, etc.) to gain details and depth.
  • * OTHER RESEARCH: I do whatever research is necessary to gain a detailed picture and understanding of the story or the subject matter. This can include reading press releases, newspaper or magazine articles, research papers, corporate documents; looking up the weather on a particular day in a particular time and place; Google Image and Google Street View searches; Wayback Machine searches; reading or researching in books; listening to your speeches/presentations; watching videos; looking up governmental records; and of course countless other types of internet and print research.
  • * WRITING: I sift through the huge volume of material to understand it, absorb it, and see the best way to structure the story or the information to be presented. I look for themes and groupings, narrative thread, logical flow, and other aspects of a well-written book. And I write.
  • * FEEDBACK & REVISION: I revise the manuscript according to your feedback and the feedback of beta readers.
  • Then the manuscript is ready for the next phase: editorial feedback, design, proofreading and publication!

full-service ghostwriting

  • At this level, you get all the services of ghostwriting, plus . . . I am by your side through the whole process and every decision until the book is out in the world.
  • If you choose HYBRID or TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING, I provide guidance through editorial review, design and publication.
  • For hybrid publishing, I guide you in selecting the publisher.
  • For traditional publishing, I write the book proposal and guide you in finding an agent, who works on your behalf to sell your book to a publisher.
  • Then, I serve as your liaison with the editor who reviews the manuscript, as well as with the whole design and publication team at the publishing house.
  • * Editorial review (by a third party): We discuss the notes from the editor’s review, and decide which suggestions/recommendations we want to act on.
  • * Publisher’s team: I participate in every call, help you choose the cover and title (that’s usually a group effort), review the proofreader’s markup, and more.
  • I am rigorous about quality control, and I am by your side through the whole process and every decision until the book is out in the world.
  • If you SELF-PUBLISH, I guide you through that process:
  • * establishing yourself as the publisher
  • * purchasing the ISBN(s)
  • * selecting and working with editorial contractors — editorial review, copy editing, cover design, interior design, proofreading
  • * choosing the method(s) of printing and distribution (e.g. Amazon KDP, Ingram), creating accounts, and uploading the files
  • All along the way I help you make decisions and troubleshoot the inevitable issues that arise.
  • I am rigorous about quality control, and I am by your side through the whole process and every decision until the book is out in the world.

Chameleon guide

  • The Chameleon Guide service level offers you a dynamic, personalized collaborative relationship with the goal of showcasing your knowledge and expertise to your target audience.
  • Chameleon-like, I flow effortlessly between roles as guide, editor, writer, advisor.
  • At this service level, you get me working (virtually) by your side for whatever is needed in that moment:
  • * writing guidance
  • * editing
  • * research
  • * structure and organization
  • * strategic planning
  • * ghostwriting
  • * ‘sounding board’ guidance
  • * ideation
  • * co-writing
  • and more . . .
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