Have a writing project that’s not clearly defined, perhaps messy . . . perhaps in a continuous process of evolution?

Struggling to get all your accumulated knowledge, experience and wisdom — your story — out of your head and into the world?

No worries. I work together with you.

Chameleon-like, I flow effortlessly between roles as guide, editor, writer — whatever is needed in that moment.

Together, we’ll bring your ideas into the world.

A client talks about her experience working with the
Chameleon Guide to "birth" meaningful projects.

Guidance, Editing & Writing

intelligent, intuitive and adapted to you

Writing is an iterative process. I know this.

I guide you through the iterative processes of What’s going to work? What is really right? What’s the right direction? What are we going to do that fits in that direction?

When we have a piece of writing we’re happy with, I edit it at all levels to ensure you have expressed yourself well.

(I can also edit ‘on the fly’, as Hope describes in the video above.)

  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling and all the other ‘technical’ aspects
  • Syntax, vocabulary and phrasing appropriate to the audience
  • Coherence from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph and section to section
  • Flow and form of the sentences – so nothing gets in the way of the reader’s understanding

Want me to do the writing?

No problem. I can do that.

We work together to ensure I understand fully what you want to say, then I say it for you.


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