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You don't have to write alone. Together, we'll bring your ideas into the world.

Chameleon-like, I flow effortlessly between roles as guide, editor, writer, advisor.

The Chameleon Advantage

Have a writing project that’s not clearly defined, perhaps messy . . . perhaps in a continuous process of evolution? 

Struggling to get all your accumulated knowledge, experience and wisdom — your story — out of your head and into the world?

You have multiple projects, but you can’t seem to make progress on any of them?

No worries.

I work together with you.

Client Testimonials

A client talks about her experience working with the Chameleon Guide to "birth" meaningful projects.

“Finally, after ten years of me developing a very big therapeutic type of framework, Jane has helped me to organize the definitions, organize some of the structure and concepts that I felt were needing better placement. . . .

“We’ve had so much success over the past year, putting out numerous projects.”

“Jane works fast. Her editing is top notch. She has the type of brain that can hold so much information. Zoom out and zoom in, micro and macro.

“I appreciate her intelligence on a level I can hardly put into words. Jane is the best to work with.”

Imagine a Different Type of Collaboration

Envision a dynamic collaboration where guidance takes precedence over linear, boxed approaches. A fluid and extremely effective working relationship that is responsive simultaneously to your needs and the needs of the project.

As we go along, I listen and read actively and intuitively to comprehend both micro and macro, big picture and tiniest detail.

Seeing themes, groupings, and logical flow, as well as details and aspects that need further elucidation, I guide you in shaping and articulating your ideas, your expertise, your story in a way that will impact others.

When there’s a blockage, I ask perceptive questions so we can find the cause of it, and then we dissolve or resolve it, skirt around it, or change direction.

As the Chameleon Guide, I don’t tell you what to do. I guide you. I meet you where you are. I flow with you . . . and when appropriate I steer us back on track.

When you work with the Chameleon Guide, you and your writing project both benefit from a versatile and personalized guidance experience.

Partner With the Chameleon Guide for...

  • ideation

  • editing

  • ghostwriting

  • strategic planning

  • organization and structure of your ideas

  • getting beyond the stuck parts

  • magazine creation

  • informational e-books

  • manuals

  • booklets

  • white papers

  • handbooks

  • educational/instructional materials

  • big idea book
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Here's How We Can Work Together

Writing is not a linear process. It can take repeated attempts to first discover, and then articulate exactly what it is you want to say.

I guide you through these iterative processes of What am I really trying to say here? and How do I organize it? and What’s the best way to express that for the people I want to reach?

Because this is a fluid process, our ways of working together can be fluid too.

  • We are on a WhatsApp call while we work in a Google Doc together.

  • You draft a piece of writing and send it to me (or tag me in the online document) to edit and provide feedback, then we fine-tune it together.

  • I draft a piece of writing and send it to you/tag you for your review and feedback, then we fine-tune it together.

  • We discuss big picture aspects — framework, structure, organization.

  • We ideate strategy for bringing your ideas into the world — social media, online courses, in-person courses, articles, opinion pieces, other printed materials, strategic partnerships . . .
Have something else in mind? Let’s talk!

What Does Your Project Mean to You?

Increasing your professional status and visibility.

Sharing your knowledge and expertise for others to use.

Building credibility.

Telling your brand story.

Realization of a long-held idea.

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