As a writer, citizen scientist, and aficionado of mountain sports, I explore how people who perform endurance activities in the mountains can harness the neurophysiological effects of awe, enhanced sensory perception and aware presence to know greater joy, connection and safety in the mountain environment, and also know greater joy, connection and good health in their lives and relationships. My fascination with the intersection of awe, awareness, sensory perception and neuroplasticity has led me to delve deeply into the research and psychology behind these subjects, and I am inspired by the transformative effects they can generate, both individually and collectively. Through articles, courses, workshops, and speaking engagements, I aim to educate and inspire mountain athletes to harness these powerful effects in their own mountain days (and nights). As a mountain runner and avid hiker and scrambler on rock, snow and ice, whose mountain explorations are almost always done solo, I have a unique perspective on the role of awe, sensory perception and awareness in physical and mental resilience, in finding peace (and even joy) in both the struggles and the transcendence, and in coming down off the mountain safely. In my structured training and my mountain days, I am constantly observing and experimenting with my own responses to the physical activity I am performing, as well as to the mountain environment and the beauty and challenges it presents us with. These observations and understandings I am incorporating into my research and writing.