All that stuff in your head — let’s get it onto paper and into the world. At your service: the Chameleon Guide

When was the last time a person with expertise and knowledge (who isn’t your therapist) listened to you with no agenda of their own? They weren’t waiting until you finished so they could say the thing that was in their head. They weren’t listening so they could say, ‘OK, do this.’ On the contrary. They were listening purely and specifically to hear the things that were in your head.

They were listening to hear the things that were in your head so they could spot the nuggets of gold that you weren’t able to see. They were listening to understand so they could guide you in forming and shaping your ideas, your knowledge, your story in a way that will impact others.

Meet the chameleon guide. That is me.

We can work in all sorts of ways together. We can sit on a WhatsApp call while working on a Google Doc together. We can record a brainstorming call over Zoom and grab the transcript from Otter. You can write and I can edit . . . or I can write and you can give feedback and revise. And so on. . . .

The chameleon adapts to working in the way that’s most useful to you and to your writing project in each moment.

The chameleon guide is first and foremost an editorial guide. I can serve also as sounding board, writing coach, strategic advisor . . . and more. Active listener. Sharply insightful. No bullshit. Understanding and empathetic. Positive and realistic. Experienced of life and observant of human nature. Broadly knowledgeable on many topics, and with a broad, deep and precise knowledge and understanding of the English language.

As the chameleon guide, I don’t tell you what to do. I guide you. I listen; I ask questions. I meet you where you are. I flow with you . . . and when appropriate I steer us back on track.

When there’s a blockage, I ask questions so we can find the cause of it, and then we dissolve or resolve it, skirt around it, or change direction.

Whatever the nature of your writing project, when you work with the chameleon guide, you and your writing project both benefit from a versatile and personalized guidance experience.

Shall we get started?

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